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About Me:

I have achieved a level of success most would be happy with, but as a true humanoid, I knew that there was more to this life than my achievements! It is pretty disappointing to reach that level you are striving for, only to realize that it is not what brings true fulfillment. What I’ve discovered through all these adventures and the tools of Access Consciousness®, that this “more” is helping me to discover who I truly be and in turn helping others discover and hone their true selves! As a Certified Facilitator and life coach this is my joy and I’d love to help you find yours!

From childhood, I have lived a life of service to others. Every job I’ve held since the age of 13 has been in the service industry. I entered university later in life at the age of 24 and obtained my first degree in nursing  with the intent of going on for my masters degree. 


When I discovered anesthesia, I knew I’d found my niche.  Although I still love doing anesthesia, over time I have become disenchanted with our healthcare system and, honestly, working for people that did not value me. I’ve dabbled in some MLM companies, but the experience was pretty disappointing, and just not “me”. I obtained my realtor’s license and formed an awesome team with my husband.

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