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About Deborah

Hi, I am Deborah Brzycki and this is just one reason I love and live the tools of Access Consciousness®! It assists you in peeling away years of the points of view, identities, and judgements you’ve taken on over the years and allows you to actually BE you!

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The Gift Of You

Dec 23, 2022

While you are gifting everyone else, are you also acknowledging the gift of you? The Holidays are here! I know most of you are spending most of your time searching for gifts for everyone else to show them how grateful you are for them.


You would like everyone to feel special and loved.


However, have you acknowledged the gift that YOU be?


…Just by being in the presence of others, you are contributing to their life.


The energy, the humor, the laughter, the joy and the being you are is a gift to others. What if you chose ease and joy during the holidays beyond the anger, sadness, grief, and stress and showed a different possibility to others? Whether it’s a family interaction that is less than favorable, what if you could choose a different way of handling it than ever before? What if you chose what is ease for you? Joy is just a choice, once you discover that each emotion is a choice, you get total freedom and control over your life.


When you chose joy for you, you bring that joy into every relationship and interaction you have! What if this year you truly acknowledged the gift you be? And can be in each interaction? Want to explore more?

Check out my upcoming classes!

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