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Hi, I am Deborah Brzycki and this is just one reason I love and live the tools of Access Consciousness®! It assists you in peeling away years of the points of view, identities, and judgements you’ve taken on over the years and allows you to actually BE you!

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How To Make Business Fun :)

May 24, 2022

Has anyone ever taught you to have fun with business? Business can be this fun, exciting beautiful addition to your life… if you allow it to be.


Your points of view and how you approach business changes EVERYTHING.


So here are 3 easy steps to making business fun:

1. Stop thinking and ask questions: When you ask a question you’re looking for possibilities, not answers.

When you are asking questions instead of going into conclusion, you are opening yourself and your business to different possibilities you may not have noticed before. Questions like, “What is going to create the greatest future for the business?” “What would the business like to create today?” Do not go with logic. Follow your gut, your awareness, your knowing. It will always steer you in the best direction.

2. Ask your business what it requires from you?

We wake up in the mornings and have entire to-do lists but really just asking the business what it requires for you today and doing that will give you more ease and peace. Sometimes we think things need to be done a certain way or the way we were taught but what if you did things the way you uniquely would?


3. Follow the energy instead of forcing things.

Don’t force situations or force yourself to do certain tasks, when the time is right you won’t have to force it! Force does not create anything but more stress.

If you’d choosing whether or not to do something, ask yourself, “Is now the time?”


Business doesn’t have to be boring, hard or painful!🤩


It can be fun and joyful.


What if instead of having the perspective that it's hard, you took on the perspective that it's fun.

How can you make it fun?

How can you reward yourself?


What else is possible for you and your business?

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