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Confessions from a Reformed Goal Setter

January 1st used to be one of my favorite days of the year. I would lay out all my goals for the upcoming year on paper. Some of them were reoccurring goals carried over from previous years, lose some weight, eat better, you know those goals that generally fall away a few weeks into the new year. Other goals were works in progress, finish a degree or licensure, find a new job or new house, and for years, the races. My running races progressed from 5K's to marathons and once those goals were reached, I moved on to triathlon, why not add swimming and biking? Never mind I could only swim to save my life. Of course from there, I transitioned into mountain biking and off road triathlon, to REALLY challenge myself. As the year progressed, I would tick off those goals, one by one, some more successfully than others, but always with a new goal in its' place. These completed goals always came with a niggling sense of dissatisfaction which I quickly replaced with a new goal.

I am certainly not suggesting that we give up our aspirations, I still have tons of them. The difference for me now, is that I am less looking for the satisfaction outside of me, which was what fueled my goal obsession in the past. What if true satisfaction came from you being YOU, the authentic you, not the image you think you need to portray? What if you, being you is what truly causes an effect in this world, and not just in your life, but also in others' lives? What could occur in the world if the focus was shifted from achievements to recognizing the true value of each of us lay in our true being? We are each unique beings. We are the valuable product just by being us. Can you imagine if our children were being taught in school, and by us, that they, the being, are the valuable measurement instead of grades, sports, etc?

I lost my dear Gran this past year. Anyone looking at her life would not thought much of her outward achievements. She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a dog lover, and an amazing quilter. Despite her ordinary appearing life, she was an extraordinary being. She was a space of allowance, non-judgment, and joy that few people get to experience in this world. Her, being that for me, opened up so many possibilities in my world that I may have never considered if not for her.

Do not judge your life based on your goals or achievements. You, being YOU is the most valuable but underrated achievement you can have. You never know who you may affect by simply being you and allowing that space of allowance and non-judgement for others.

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