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How to Start Saving Money

Would you like to change your monetary reality?

Money doesn’t have to be hard, money can be fun and bring you ease.

👉These are some tips that will change your life with money (if you do them.) 1. Create a 10% account.

This will teach you how to have money instead of spending all of it!

DO NOT ever spend your 10% unless it's something of intrinsic value. You will get to an amount where you’re finally like ‘Wow! I have money.” Keep saving and watch how your perspectives on money change.

2. Carry cash in your purse you think a wealthy person would carry. Do not spend this either. It will give you a sense of wealth that wealthy people have and carry with them. It will also change your perspective on money. 3. Change your points of view about money. Your points of view create your reality. A point of view is something like “People who are rich are assholes.” Will you ever allow yourself to have money if you have this under lying point of view? Likely not. In the money & business online classes I have, we dive deeper into this topic of creating and having money! 🤩

Check out my upcoming Money & Business Classes Live Online!

What if business could be joyful?

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