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How to stop your negative self talk with money 💰

Do you make the value of YOU about money?

If you make the value of you dependent on how much money you make, you will essentially refuse money and you are going to destroy your businesses.

If you let money equal your value and you don’t feel abundant with money, you will not value you… This is simply a mindset that can be changed.

You NEED to recognize the gift and contribution you are. Or you will never truly value you, even if you earn lots of money.

And as hard as that may be for a lot of people, I think the best tip I could give is to look at yourself through the eyes of someone that's very dear to you…

Someone who doesn’t judge you, how do they see you?

And if you don’t have someone in your life that doesn’t judge you, what would it take to be that person who does not judge you?

If you looked at you through the eyes of no judgment of any part of you, what would you see? It makes it very hard for other people to respect, value or see you when you are not willing to respect, value or see you.

Once you are willing to truly acknowledge the greatness, the contribution and the gift you are, other people will see it too.

It starts with YOU.

Stop equating your value to the number of dollars you have in your bank account.

This is a mindset that YOU have to choose to change.

Now, everytime you go to negative self-talk or judge you whether its about money or anything else, STOP yourself in your tracks and ask yourself:

What am I grateful for about me that I have never been willing to acknowledge?

What gift am I that I have never been willing to acknowledge?

What contribution am I that I have never been willing to acknowledge?

Retrain your brain to stop judging itself. Choose something different.

I hope this contributes to you!

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