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More Fun in 2021

This was intended to be my New Year's Resolution Post and then it just wan't.

The whole idea of New Year's resolutions just felt very heavy to me. How many years have you sat down and physically or mentally made your list? Or your one BIG resolution? February rolls around and the resolution is the newest failure of the year! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE change. But, do we need to wait until January 1st, or the first of the month, or next week to institute that change? What if you could just start now? Or in the next ten seconds, or in the morning? What is the point of waiting besides giving yourself a reason, a justification, or an excuse to not actually choose that change?

I would like to invite you to a different perspective on change and choice. Imagine something right now that you've been wanting to change. Now, get the energy of what that change means to you. As an example, I'd like to lose ... amount of weight, a very common New Year's resolution. What is the energy of what it will be like when you've lost that weight? Will you walk taller, be more self confident, feel sexier, feel more at ease in your body? That energy is the energy to be aware of all day, every day. Every time that energy presents itself (and it may just be the slightest whisper) , make a choice towards or for that energy. If you continue to choose for that energy, you will be amazed at the things you've never considered that will show up in your life. Another component to choosing , is to not be invested in the outcome. Anytime you come to a conclusion about anything, you are limiting your receiving. In our weight loss example, instead of asking to lose a certain number of pounds, instead ask for the energy of what that weight loss would mean to you. Perhaps the universe will just redistribute the weight on your body so that you have those energies. We limit what we can receive when decide it has to look a certain way.

My target for 2021-More Fun!!

What will that look like? I intend not to come to any conclusions. The energy of fun for me is communing with others, from most closest relationships with family and friends to the lady I pass on the river path walking her dog. The energy of fun for me is ease every day with all things. I have spent too many years in a proving energy that has definitely not brought me ease. There is a great sense of joy that comes from choosing ease everyday. Fun for me also means choosing play. I often thought my work with Access Consciousness is play, and my anesthesia work is work, hard and miserable. I am choosing more and more (because this all is a muscle to be retrained) to have everything be play. I have spent a lot of years proving that I've worked hard and long to achieve the things I have, and now I choose to Play. These choices lead to more communion with others, more joy, more play, and more fun in 2021.

If you'd like to start implementing some of these great tools in your life, I encourage you to get to a Bars class, and the to The Foundation!

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