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Hi, I am Deborah Brzycki and this is just one reason I love and live the tools of Access Consciousness®! It assists you in peeling away years of the points of view, identities, and judgements you’ve taken on over the years and allows you to actually BE you!

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Ready to Choose Something Different
For You In 2022?

Jan 4, 2022

It's that wonderful time of year, a new year, fresh start, new resolutions. Except, those New Year's Resolutions will probably sound very similar to last years with a little change and a little tweak to make them fresh because you did not stick to them last year. So, now you're judging the hell out of yourself for being so uncommitted, so weak, and so lazy. It's these very reasons that I've not made New Year's Resolutions for the past few years.

Are you ready to choose something different for you in 2022 instead of slipping back into auto pilot mode, which we all think is so comfortable. I'm encouraging you to take one more step out of your comfort zone to experience how amazing life can truly be.A few of the things I'm instituting this year are; first, I am looking at everything I've created over the past two years (Covid:(() and really having gratitude for the difference I've chosen and the things I've accomplished. I am choosing gratitude for these accomplishments so that I can then out-create them rather than re-create them as an unending list of goals that only have a slightly different spin on them.

Second, I am choosing to be me. I may not always know what that means, but I do know that if I follow my knowing in each choice rather than trying to figure things out, or worse, go into auto-pilot, that my choices show me more and more, who I be. In, choosing more of me I am also consciously deciding to step out of judgment of me. This is a tough one and a continuous muscle to be worked. Last year I had professional photos taken and immediately judged the hell out of them. Here is one of them, I literally have not used the photos that I spent a great deal of money on because I judged them so severely, little crazy huh??

Third, I am writing out a list of the energies I desire in certain areas of my life. Your focus areas may be different, mine are; business, money, relationships, and body. I am writing down each focus area and what i would like to accomplish in each area or what energies I desire in each area, and then sealing them up in an envelope for 6-12 months.

Fourth, I am writing out two lists. The first list is five things I am satisfied with in my life. The second list is five things I'd like to change. My focus will not be on the things I'd like to change but rather on the energy I be in the five areas I am happy with. This journey at this stage is more about releasing all the energies, thoughts, beliefs, points of view that we have absorbed from childhood and instead returning to what Joe Vitale refers to as "Zero Limits" in his book of the same title. In the Zero state, none of those thoughts, beliefs, points of view exist. From this Zero state you are able to experience life from your awareness, knowing and perception. This results in living a life of ease, joy, and glory (glory defined as joyful exuberance).

The simple, pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness can assist you in changing any area of your life. I invite you to more, more of you, and would be honored to facilitate you on that journey.

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