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Does change stress you out? Or excite you?

The past few months have definitely been a roller coaster ride for me. The lows of unexpectedly and quickly saying goodbye to our 12 yr old Weimaraner girl and job upheavals, to the equally unexpected highs of an unanticipated engagement of our youngest child, new business opportunities, alliances, and adventures. The normal hum of everyday life has been replaced by a tumultuous sea of unending changes.

I have, more than ever been able to ride these waves without my usual fight and reaction. Why? The tools of Access Consciousness, especially the Big 5! Life has been very uncomfortable, also bringing me to the awareness that most people will avoid and ignore change and discomfort at all costs.

What about change terrifies us? The discomfort? The presumed loss of control? For those of you that really choose to create a magnificent life ( no judgement if you are happy and content in life and no change required)! But, if you're ready to embrace the change, lean into it, and see what else is truly possible with your life!

Get your Bars run! Get your butt to Foundation, now more than ever with the introduction of the Big 5!

Some of my leaning in:

A Bars Class over 2 days, July 22, 23.

A FREE Zoom, The Gift of Right Riches for YOU! July 25

A hot, steamy, Florida Foundation August 24-27.

My first Right Riches for You, the Beginning, October 13-15.

All the details here

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