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Leaning In

My backyard view for the next six months or so, it brings my body and mind such a sense of ease and peace. My family and I have had many growth spurts ( as I like to think of them) over the past year and it is wonderful to see what happens when you stop resisting and relax in to your growth.

One of the tools I'm most grateful for, is living in ten second (or minutes, weeks, months) increments. There is always another choice available, even when it does not feel like it. Of course some choices feel more difficult at the time, but if you lean into it, there is always something phenomenal and unexpected on the other side.

Some of my changes over the past year have felt excruciatingly painful and yet have turned out more gloriously than I could've imagined. I have spent a LOT of my life searching outside of myself for my happiness, no surprise, we are not taught that we are enough. I've expended a great deal of energy in proving and competition, from grades, to sports, to college and career, even with Consciousness.

This began to change when I started asking what is really true for me, really asked it, because there have been many times that I "thought" I was asking for something, but since that something was not really mine, it did not show up. Little cracks started to show up in my world. My perception of relationships shifted and I experienced an astonishing level of clarity about these relationships, absent of judgment.

My second ask, was to have more kindness in my world. The past four years I have traveled a lot for work and thought that I was out to effect a change. What I experienced was a lot of toxic environments until my current position. The level of kindness for each other and the patients is beyond anything I've experienced and I realized as anyone that has become desensitized to toxicity, an initial wariness and also a huge relief that this is possible.

As a family, we are embarking on a huge adventure. We are starting a franchise in the Madison area helping seniors remain in their home and help them with daily cares, so they are able to remain as independent as possible. We will be in Wisconsin a great deal more, but will maintain our Florida home, renting it out as a gorgeous vacation rental. Of course we have blocked off a couple of long weeks in February, our memory of WI winters is definitely intact! We do not know exactly what our next year will bring, but I do know that we are leaning into it, relaxing into it, and are going to have as much joy as possible with it all!

I do have a few classes in Florida in October, including a Bars exchange, which I hope to have a record turnout. I am immensely grateful for all my Florida people and will definitely see you in February, if not January. Or, perhaps, you'd like to experience the frozen Tundra in January and come up for a class!

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