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Are you afraid of Ghosts???

Do you believe in ghosts? Are they a scary thing for you? Or could they be a contribution to your life? I have had an awareness of the energy of entities since I was a small child. I was not frightened of these interactions until I was "taught" that it was scary, that it wasn't true, and basically that I should not trust my knowing.

Fortunately, I was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness and Shannon O'Hara's work, Talk to the Entities.

I have been able to once again communicate with the entities and allow them to contribute to my life. When you do not acknowledge your awareness, life becomes more difficult, painful, and a chore. If you'd like to explore the wonderful world of entities, I'd encourage you to check out two books by Shannon O'Hara; Talk to the Entities and Beings of Light.

Happy Halloween, hope it's not scary, but rather a celebration of entity awareness

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